Vedanta Resources

Where Can I Find a Vedanta Center?

For over a century, Vedanta organizations inspired by Swami Vivekananda have been bringing the universal message of Vedanta to interested persons, and providing guidence to spiritual aspirants throughout the world.

Sri Sarada Math and the Ramakrishna Sarada Mission of India
Ramakrishna Math and Mission of India
Internet Links to Ramakrishna Mission/Vivekananda Vedanta Societies and Centers
Mother's Worldwide Web -- Internet Links to the Ramakrishna/Sarada/Vivekananda Tradition

Is There More I Can Read?

We have updated our reading list begins with books about Vedanta and spiritual practice, as well as books about Sri Sarada Devi.

Mother's Tantu Bookshelf

What Is Vedanta?

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