Why Is This
Holy Mother's Cyber-Tantu?

A Sanskrit term, "tantu" means silk threads, or a web.

How much the worldwide web mirrors the Divine Mother's web of creation, Maya!

Having seen cyberspace come into being we know its nature is illusory. Yet, as with creation itself, the illusion appeals to us. We find this virtual world increasingly useful. As new frontiers continuously open it is not difficult to envision that a veil of forgetfulness will fall. Cyberspace will become as real to us as the physical world of our everyday experience, which physicists and mystics assure us is not at all as it seems.

By the power of creation the Divine Mother snares us in the alluring web of Maya, causing us to forget our own true nature and the divinity of the world around us. Yet in this bondage we are ever tied to Her, bound by a silken thread that is fastened to the Mother's heart.

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