This emblem of Sri Sarada Math
currently appears on each issue of Samvit.

"May the Supreme Self (the swan)
give us the light of Knowledge (the sun)
to discriminate between the Real and the unreal
through the discipline of Yoga
(the serpent),
the power of love (the lotus)
and energy of action (the stormy water)."

Ordering Samvit!

Samvit, the semiannual journal published in English by Sri Sarada Math's New Delhi Center celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2003.

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The suggested yearly donation for Samvit is $6 (US dollars) via Air Mail.

How to Receive Samvit In the United States and Canada

The suggested yearly donation for Samvit is $6 (US dollars) via Air Mail.

To be receive or continue receiving Samvit Journal simply send your name and address with your donation payment to:

Sri Sarada Society P.O. Box 38116
Albany, New York 12203

Checks should be made payable to Sri Sarada Society. Please note on your check "Donation for Samvit".

Note: Canadian subscribers please draw your check from a bank which has a "U.S. dollar account" in order to avoid a $30 cashing charge.

By requesting Samvit through Sri Sarada Society. Individuals in Canada and the United States
do not have to secure international money orders for India.

To receive Samvit in countries other than the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada please visit the web site for Sri Sarada Math or contact

The Publisher
C-8A, Hauz Khas
New Delhi-110016

More About Samvit

Samvit was first published, through the initiative of Revered Pravrajika Muktiprana, the first General Secretary of Sri Sarada Math and Ramakrishna Sarada Mission from 1959-1994. Mataji chose the name samvit, a Sanskrit word, which refers to the entire range of knowledge, from information to consciousness, awareness and the highest knowledge leading to Self-realization. A line from the Svetasvatara Upanishad, "May He endow us with good thoughts" was chosen as the publication's motto.

As its name implies, this small publication offers readers a broad range of spiritual reading. Poetry, biographies, and scriptural studies, are found together with scholarly and reflective articles about a variety of spiritual topics. Some emphasis is given to themes related to women's spirituality.

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