Photo of Holy Mother with Radhu

Holy Mother with Radhu

Jayrambati, 1913

Due to family difficulties, Sri Sarada Devi had to assume the care of her niece, Radhu. A willful child, Radhu was a constant source of aggravation and struggle. It is recorded that she was even physically abusive to Mother.

Yet how strange and wondrous is the play of the divine! Mother tells us that after Sri Ramakrishna's death, he appeared to her and placed a child in her arms. "This is your yogamaya," he told her. After the Master had left the body, Sri Sarada Devi's naturally high plane of existence lost its moorings within the world. The Master was now free. Likewise, Mother longed to be free from the bonds of physical life. Yet Sri Ramakrishna had left Mother behind for a reason. She had work to do. Something was needed to draw her mind back to the world. Mother recognized Radhu as the child Sri Ramakrishna had placed in her arms.

And Radhu? What did she know of her role is this divine play? The full extent is not known. Yet, one incident is revealing. After Mother's death Radhu was watched over by the swamis of the Ramakrishna Order. She remained difficult all her life. Thus, when it was discovered she had Teberculoesis, incurable in those days, it was decided to keep Radhu in Benaras. By dying in the holy city, the swamis thought, Radhu would be assured of liberation. They had not told Radhu of her illness. Yet, with surprising insight, she protested and insisted they return home to Jayrambati.
"Do you think I do not know what you are trying to do?" she asked them. "This is not necessary. Take me home to die in Jayrambati. My Aunt has done everything for me."

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