Swami Saradeshananda

Swami Sharadeshananda was a disciple of the Holy Mother and served as her attendant.

Whenever the Mother would hear of the sorrows and afflictions of somebody she would at once be overwhelmed with great emotion. Seeing the upsurge of her sorrow, the hearts of those near her would melt. The news of a sudden death or some other similar calamity would churn the tender heart of the Mother and she would not be able to control herself. When people overcome with great afflictions would come to the Mother in hope of getting her sympathy and consolation, the Mother would draw their sorrows to herself and actually suffer them. Thus she made their hearts lighter -- removing the poison by drinking it!
From Sri Sarada Devi -- The Great Wonder, Ramakrishna Mission: New Delhi, 1988, page 65.

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