The Main Temple

Sri GaneshaSri RamakrishnaSri Sarada DeviSwami VivekanandaSri Ma Kali

Sri Ganesha | Sri Ramakrishna | Sri Sarada Devi | Swami Vivekananda | Kali Ma and Shiva

Faces of the Divine Mother

DurgaLakshmiSaraswatiMother MarySaradaKali

Sri Durga | Sri Lakshmi |Sri Saraswati | Mother Mary | Sri Sarada Devi | Sri Kali

From this outer space, the Natmadir, all the sacred images are visible. You may click to approach and receive Darshan from any you choose.

When entering from the Sacred Om at the entrance of Sri Sarada Mandir you go directly to Lord Ganesha to begin your pilgrimage. This is in accordance with the Divine Mother's wish that her son be the first saluted during any worship or at the start of any undertaking.

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