What Is Darshan?

Sanskrit, meaning seeing, to see and be seen by a deity or holy person, to make pilgrimage to behold a sacred place.
Also, to hold a perspective or point of view, a way of seeing, knowing, from various angles.

Diana L. Eck writes, "The central act of Hindu worship...is to stand in the presence of the deity and to behold the image with ones own eyes, to see and by seen by the deity....Since, in the Hindu understanding, the deity is present in the image, the visual apprehension of the image is charged with religious meaning. Beholding the image is an act of worship, and through the eyes one gains the blessing of the divine."

Darsan: Seeing the Divine Image in India by Diana L. Eck, published by Anima Books

However we may view a divine image at first, darshan means we will eventually see beyond appearance, to behold the divinity within. And always, we can be assured that God is seeing us. Yes, even in cyberspace. For although our vision may be limited by our unknowing, what can blind God's sight!

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