Mother Heart of the Universe

"Learn to make the world your own. No one is a stranger, my child. The whole world is yours."

From Sri Sarada Devi's last words, spoken before passing away on July 20, 1920

...The women of the world have been producing physical children and becoming mothers, but they have not mothered a very nice world, mainly because it has been an instinctive job made to perpetuate the species. The time has come when women will have to become great Mother-teachers Rishis, so that humanity can get its real purpose backÑto become human first and then divine. How will the women do it? They have to wake up and become divinely inspired so that they can pass it on.
Pravrajika Vivekaprana, Sri Sarada Math, India

Sri Sarada Devi manifested this ideal. Without ever giving birth herself, hers was a mother's heart -- all-accepting, ever open, seeing all as her children. Anyone coming to her felt that she was their very own mother, and theirs alone.

Behind Sri Sarada Devi's mother heart is the Truth of Vedanta, the oneness of all. Her relationship to the world around her affirmed the divinity in others and the sacredness of all things. Such a vision has a transforming power, for when we try to see the highest value in another, without personal desire and expectation, we are calling to the divine. And divinity always answers back, sooner or later, depending on the clarity of our vision and the sincerity of our call.

As the Mother Heart of the Universe, Sri Sarada Devi calls to us, even now, to rise to the divinity within. And her life is an example from which we can learn. As the Holy Mother did not reject the world around her, she teaches us how we can truly make it our own.

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