With this site Holy Mother's thread is woven into the illusory web being spun in cyberspace.

The internet was just becoming popular when we wrote the above to launch Mother's original site in 1996. Sites dedicated to Vedanta were very few. Since then Internet use in daily life activities has mushroomed. Vedanta and other spiritual traditions have kept up the pace, making this vast "Information Highway" a rich field for spiritual harvest for the discerning aspirant.

This site retains much in its original appearance as a reflection of Sri Sarada Society's offering to Mother. We do plan to convert it to modern day browsing standards page by page, as time permits. We thank you for your patience in this process. If you clicked on the "illusory" in the quotation above you already know why we call it Holy Mother's Cyber-Tantu.

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The following are among the varied threads in Mother's Web.

Holy Mother's Page -- Weave a tapestry of Mother.
Sri Sarada Mandir: -- Mother's Online Temple.
What Is Vedanta: -- A brief introduction and suggested reading.
Sri Sarada Society Notes Print Archive -- Individual issues from 1999 to 2017 are available online.
Swami Vivekananda at Ridgely video -- The first of three pages Remembering Lord Frank Margesson: In Video, In Words, and In Pictures.

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Published Lectures by Pravrajika Vivekaprana
Available online in paperback and as an ebook, A Challenge for Modern Mindsby Pravrajika Vivekaprana includes twelve lectures given in the United States by Pravrajika Vivekaprana, selected and edited by Edith D. Tipple of Santa Barbara, California. Also available in German.

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