A Challenge for Modern Minds

A Challenge for Modern Minds by Pravrajika Vivekaprana, Selected Lectures edited by Edith D. Tipple. Paperback, 122 pages. Suggested retail price, $10.95. A series of lectures given in the United States by Pravrajika Vivekaprana of Sri Sarada Math in India.

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Now in a German Version

We are pleased to announce that A Challenge for Modern Minds has been translated and republished in Germany. The German edition was made possible through the dedicated efforts of the translator, Dietlind Kloppmann, who also published the translation in June 2004. It was printed by the Vedanta-Zentrum Wiesbaden e.V. Individual copies cost 7 Euro. Orders may be sent to Marianne Eckert, Rheinstr. 27, D-55276 Dienheim, Germany.
Readers comment on A Challenge for Modern Mind by Pravrajika Vivekaprana:

" These lectures are very powerful, thought-provoking ones. Thank you for your dedication to seeing them published in book form."

"I find that reading from it each morning helps my meditation."

"Pravrajika Vivekaprana takes us where very few have. I find that I want to read certain lectures again and again."

"Pravrajika Vivekaprana is a very intense speaker. It's helpful to be able to stop and ponder on what she has said. This is not possible to do while she is speaking."


"The book is perfect for so many Western people, even those with no background in Vedanta. The talks have been edited nicely. Each is concise and compelling."

"Trying to encapsulate Vivekaprana's vastness in a book or a review is like trying to stuff a very reluctant genie back into a bottle. Her sweep is universal, her language modern, clear and direct, without metaphysics or speculation. Her inner experience articulates what is common to everyone...The superb editing of Edith D. Tipple, leaves you panting for more."

"What a blessing these books are available and being distributed...The book is perfect for so many Westerners people, even those with no background in Vedanta. The talks have been edited so nicely and each is concise and compelling."

-- From Readers

"An intelligent and thoughtful look at the challenge of modern living and the mystery of the inner life." -- From the Vedanta Catalog Website

The Author:

Pravrajika Vivekaprana is a senior nun of Sri Sarada Math, a self-administered women's monastic order, headquartered in Dakshineswar near Kolkata, India.

We wish to thank those whose generosity has helped make this effort possible.

The publication represents a three-year collaboration with Edith Tipple, who approached Pravrajika Vivekaprana and Sri Sarada Society about publishing a book of edited talks.

From the Back Cover:

"The journey is long, the search is always within, and the canalizing of thought is always in one direction - toward unity. On the sense level, we may find a moment of unity, but again there is separation. We unite with something, but find that after some time it does not respond or maybe it is we who do not respond because we do not find it interesting enough... Our mind keeps shifting, looking and searching for response, and the search must always be within. We are searching for a level where we will be true to ourselves, where we will be true to an inner desire for freedom, for rest, for peace, and for unity."

- Pravrajika Vivekaprana

Pravrajika Vivekaprana exemplifies spiritual strength, a strength which is coupled with sincere humility. Her straightforward presentation of Vedanta (the universal principles underlying all religions as discovered in ancient India) and its relationship to human experience offers a way of understanding the practical steps one needs to take on the path to Self-realization. The lectures in this volume build upon the premise that the ancient principles of Vedanta form a necessary and viable approach to contemporary life. Viewing the mind as an instrument that can and ought to be brought under our control, the author explores the steps through which we can achieve that control. Her lectures invite each of us to actively take up this challenge, the mastery of which is deemed to be our human birthright.

(On the Front Cover: "The Avenue in Autumn," Vivekananda Retreat, Ridgely, in Stone Ridge, New York. Photograph taken by Jennifer Franklin.)

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